Framing Studio v2.51 Full Version

Framing Studio v2.51 is a tool that you can use to decorate and add 'Photo Effects' Digital Images so as to produce stunning photographs.
Framing Studio is very easy to use features simple and does not need any special skills to use

 AMS Software Framing Studio v2.5 | 3.63 MB
Framing Studio - Features
1. The ability to add simple 'borders'.
2. The ability to apply masks to images, allowing you to make interesting alterations to photos.
3. The ability to add artistic frames.
4. The ability to add vector frames.
5. Allows to rotate, crop and resize images.
6. Allows to adjust color balance.
7. Ability to apply 'special effects' (sepia, mosaic, wave, etc.)
8. User-friendly interface.
9. Contains flexible printing options.
Installation: Just unpack&install.
Homepage -

Framing Studio v2.51|Frame artistic
Frame Artistic

Framing Studio v2.51|Frame Vector
Frame Vektor
Frame Borders
Frame Mask

Framing Studio v2.51 Full Version


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