Using Texture leaf green to Wallpaper Create

In this photoshop tutorial we will actualize a map of Indonesia application blade texture, and accord a blow to actualize an absorbing background Source of afflatus from art-making is the accretion admeasurement of ecology canning attack lately. and one that could become a attribute of attention and blooming leaves. Before beginning, let us aboriginal see the end aftereffect of that we will actualize the image.

Once you see the final aftereffect angel is now let's get started ...

Step 1

As usual, we alpha by creating a new certificate the admeasurement of 1920 x 1200 pixels with a resolution of 300 ppi and baddest cellophane as background. Again accessible the map angel is in photoshop and adhesive in the certificate we accept created. If there is a bigger map image, could use another.

Step 2

The curve on this map will be difficult if larboard unchecked, Adjustmen actualize a new band by beat Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels, and set the crated following.

After that amalgamate the layers into one band with one bang on the window layer, columnist Ctrl and bang them again, appropriate bang and baddest Merge Layers.

Step 3

Select White as your beginning color, application a besom awning spots that are still lagging.

Now echo footfall 2, but this time by ambience altered levels. Again affix the band ancillary of the island on the map that is absent with the besom of atramentous color, like at the top of the island of Borneo.

Step 4

With the Magic Wand apparatus and white blush alternative alfresco of the map and annul by acute delete.

Step 5

Now we will use the texture of the leaves in the crop to form a map of Indonesia. Accessible a adjustment angel in Photoshop and again adhesive the leaves aloft our documents. Duplicates of this blade adjustment band into three parts, lower opacitynya and stacking as apparent in the afterward figure.

with this arrangement, as if accoutrement map is a breadth abounding of leaves.

Step 6

Return the third band Caliginosity to 100%, and amalgamate all three into one. In the band window bang on the thumbnail map band with Ctrl apprenticed to accomplish the appearance alternative breadth on the map

Step 7

After selection switch layer formed earlier leaf texture and click Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal Selection. By giving a white background picture while we find that we have completed as below.

Step 8

Double-click to bring up the layer of leaf texture layer style window, then add the drop shadow layer.

Step 9

To get started give depth to the background, create a new layer below all the layers except the white layer, then make a circular gradient from yellow to green color c3cc20 # # 4a9b0f.

Step 10

Above the gradient layer, add the texture of paper and then on the menu bar select Image> Atjustment> Desaturate, or with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U. Change the blending mode of this layer to Overlay with 70% Opacity.

Step 11

Duplicate the texture layer of paper, then turn 180 degrees, with a fixed Overlay blending mode but with the Opacity 20%.

Step 12

Set foreground color to black # 000000, with a large brush size and color hadness approximately 50% of the edge image as trader.

After that, change its mode to Overlay blending with 70% opacity.

Step 13

Now we add the highlight on the image, how to create a circular gradient from white to tansparent in the upper left and change the Blending Mode to Soft Light with 50% Opacity.

This is the end result of a map of Indonesia using leaf texture.

Indonesian TutorialsPSD file downloads

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