VirtualDub 1.7.7

VirtualDub 1.7.7, a free software that is very popular among users Video Editing Software. The latest version is certainly available for your pledge, one of them to compress video and audio, without damaging the quality. On the one hand, you can reduce the file size is large. On the other hand, you can maintain the quality of the file.

Virtual Dub 1.7.7

VirtualDub has a special feature that supports graphics systems, namely D3D Driver FX, this feature allows 3D accelerator function can reliably be used to display video that require high graphic power. You must have a supporting DLL files, namely d3dx9.dll, which can be obtained from the installation of DirectX 9.0c.

Main Feature
There are several features that make VirtualDub is very flexible. Pipeline became the main weapon used Virtual Dub for Audio and Video processing. Each process is divided into several sections.

The process will start from the stage and ending at the write sequencing. Sequencing means that the editing process is logical. Write is the process of storing the final result that has been processed. Pipeline will not you can see during the process. However, you can specify the type of pipeline used.

In addition, VirtualDub processing also has a feature that is used to process 32-bit system or 64 bit processor type. In order to obtain maximum results, you must use the appropriate application with the type of processor. VirtualDub with 64-bit system will run faster in data processing as compared with 32-bit systems. Virtual Dub with 32-bit systems can not be used on processors with 64-bit systems and vice versa. You can use VirtualDub with the system CLI (Command Line Interface), a special feature of the text system. You must enter a series of computer commands to do with the format specified.

VirtualDub 1.7.7

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